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A Better Back = A Better LIFE

Golf performance directly depends upon the health of your spine, therefore investing in your back is synonymous with investing in your game. Begin your path to a better back with a TrueTurnPro.

Listen to renowned golf instructor and TV analyst, Peter Kostis.

The TrueTurnPro is all about making you better…not just on the course, but off the course too. As the world’s first Thoracic Spine Isolation Device, the TrueTurnPro helps increase your rotation, strengthens your back and core, and helps you develop the muscles and muscle memory to improve your speed, power, and distance.
“Remember this. If you can’t turn, you can’t play.” That’s right. Take it from Peter Kostis himself.” Learn Why the Pros Swear by it

The Inspiration Behind the TrueTurn Pro

Carl Horne explains why he created the world’s first Thoracic Spine Isolation Device.
Driven by a passion to help improve joint function, Carl invented TrueTurn Pro as the answer to restoring thoracic mobility. While the journey to get here wasn’t easy, perseverance has allowed us to change lives.

Trying to Improve Your Game?

Increase your core health, speed, power, and distance.

The TrueTurnPro training philosophy is centered around body control. Acquiring control of the thoracic spine (rotation) lends to gaining control of club position, which in turn gives more control over ball flight. The TrueTurnPro sports specific drills for golf are designed to improve:

Listen to Golf Enthusiasts Just Like Yourself

The patented TrueTurnPro introduces the world’s first Thoracic Spine Isolation Device designed to increase flexibility, rotation, back health, and core strength. The TrueTurnPro is already helping improve the game of golfers worldwide.

Need To Improve Your Strength & Conditioning?

A better back equals a better life.

Building strength, endurance, and stability results in more sustained power. When used in conjunction with the included Level-1 speed band, the TrueTurnPro will add extra yards on your drive, yet most importantly, will lead to increased back and core health.

We All Need Prevention What About Rehabilitation?

The world’s first Thoracic Spine Isolation Device.

The TrueTurnPro introduces the world’s first Thoracic Spine Isolation Device. Get what you need to start training by ordering your TrueTurnPro below. The TrueTurnPro comes with a Level-1 speed band, access to training videos, tips, guidance and entry level programs from Carl Horne, the inventor of the TrueTurnPro. Look for the TrueTurnPro app coming in 2020!

Purchase your TrueTurnPro Today

Improved Golf Swing Mechanics 

Want to improve your golf swing? Performance is a great place to start. However, the patented TrueTurnPro is designed and engineered for Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Performance.
Every TrueTurn includes:

What You'll Gain

Your purchase of the TrueTurnPro is packaged with a level 1-speed band, a complimentary 30-day Golf Back Stabilization Program, and access to the private Video Learning Center. The Video Learning Center, located on the TrueTurnPro website contains a growing library of golf-specific training videos and monthly Pro-Tips. Look out for the TrueTurnPro App, coming soon!