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Are you Cheating your golf game?

- TrueTurn

Stop, and let us help you learn how to rotate properly

The definition of chaos is a state of utter confusion or disorder. A CHEATING movement pattern is when faulty or habitual motor patterns replace normal or good motor patterns. In other words, old bad swing habits are hard to break until now. We know the game of golf is built on the foundation of rotation, and unfortunately many golfers are attempting to build a golf swing without the true ability to turn properly.


Is your Driver worth $500 but your Rotation isn’t worth a dime?
Do you own your golf swing, or does your golf swing own you?
Are you tricked into buying the promise of distance with every new driver coming out onto the market?

Along with your Teaching Professional to help you identify your swing flaw, the TrueTurnPro will correct the underlying physical issues to get you swinging with confidence.

Which Swing Flaw or Flaws Would You Like To Fix?

- TrueTurn
- TrueTurn
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Reverse Pivot

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Early Extension

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Loss of Posture

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Hip Sway and Slide

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Over The Top

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Kinematic Sequence

TrueTurnPro has been featured
in over 30 publications nationwide!

For less than half of what you paid for all the training aids you hardly use, you’re just a click away from the one device that does it all.

With the True Turn Pro, you get:

An innovative, patented rotational training device, approved by Tour Pros, Top Coaches, and Fitness Professionals and much much more!
- TrueTurn

Trying to Improve Your Game?

Increase your core health, speed, power, and distance.

The TrueTurnPro training philosophy is centered around body control. Acquiring control of the thoracic spine (rotation) lends to gaining control of club position, which in turn gives more control over ball flight. The TrueTurnPro sports specific drills for golf are designed to improve:

Need To Improve Your Strength & Conditioning?

A better back equals a better life.

Building strength, endurance, and stability results in more sustained power. When used in conjunction with the included Level-1 speed band, the TrueTurnPro will add extra yards on your drive, yet most importantly, will lead to increased back and core health.

Are you a Golf Teaching Professional?

Learn how to use the TrueTurnPro to facilitate the golf-specific joint function with our instructional video series made specifically for you!

The TrueTurnPro Delivers Progress and Results

TrueTurnPro will enable a student to swing powerfully and on plane but is no substitute for a Teaching professional. TrueTurnPro Inc; supports the PGA of America and will encourage our customers to find instruction from PGA certified instructors.
- TrueTurn

Purchase your TrueTurnPro Today

Improved Golf Swing Mechanics 

Want to improve your golf swing? Performance is a great place to start. However, the patented TrueTurnPro is designed and engineered for Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Performance.
Every TrueTurnPro includes:

Listen to Golf Enthusiasts Just Like Yourself

The patented TrueTurnPro introduces the world’s first Thoracic Spine Isolation Device designed to increase flexibility, rotation, back health, and core strength. The TrueTurnPro is already helping improve the game of golfers worldwide.