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The True Turn Pro is a must have device for my clinical practice as a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist. This is the only tool that I have found that can isolate Thoracic spinal movement, especially rotation and side bending to allow quick and easy gains in Range of Motion that can be utilized to translate directly into power, velocity and stability for the rotational athlete.
Eric Dinkins
Renown golf instructor and TV analyst, Peter Kostis for TrueTurn
The TrueTurnPro is remarkable. It addresses the single most important aspect in golf...rotation. Without it, there is no golf.
Peter Kostis
Renowned Golf Instructor & TV Analyst
Colonel David Hunt headshot for testimonial
The TrueTurnPro training device is the best core and hip device on the market . The design & recommended workouts have helped me with my ability to turn in a golf swing and with my hip flexibility. Buy it now!
Colonel David Hunt
Jenny Touton TrueTurn user testimonial
"I get to a point...holes 9, 10, 11...my back starts hurting. What I've found is the TrueTurnPro is strengthening my lumbar spine."
Jennifer Touton
Former Tennis Pro - Golf Enthusiast
Tom Lucy headshot for testimonial
"Carl Horne and the TrueTurnPro helped me get back on the golf course...I'm able to play golf. I'm able to enjoy golf...and I am pain free."
Tom Lucy
Retired - Spinal Fusion Patient
Rick Touton testimonial for the TrueTurnPro
"The TrueTurnPro really makes you rotate your hips...since I've started using the TrueTurnPro, I feel the true hip turn in my golf swing like I haven't felt before. "
Rick Touton
Golf Enthusiast

Are you cheating your golf game?

The definition of chaos is a state of utter confusion or disorder.

A CHEATING movement pattern is when faulty or habitual motor patterns replace normal or good motor patterns. In other words, old bad swing habits are hard to break until now. We know the game of golf is built on the foundation of rotation, and unfortunately many golfers are attempting to build a golf swing without the true ability to turn properly.