A New Era of Rotational Training

TrueTurnPro is a new way of rotational training.

From Stretching Device to Strength Training Tool

The versatility of the TrueTurnPro is unmatched! Quickly, the innovative stretching device converts into a futuristic strength training tool! Unlike anything before, the TrueTurnPro offers a unique opportunity to develop true isolated revolving power. Athletes competing in rotational sports such as golf, baseball, tennis, and hockey will enhance their physical abilities by adding the TrueTurnPro to their sport-specific training routines.

Training with a device engineered to specifically increase rotation, allows the athlete to isolate a chosen plane and apply resistance. TrueTurnPro also enables the athlete to maximize flexibility while producing an active or passive stretch. Users will gain a smooth, smart, stretch into an array of rotational planes whether from the slap shot of hockey or to the overhead serve of tennis! The TrueTurnPro is a game changer. Welcome to a new era of rotational training!

How TrueTurnPro Can Transform Your Golf Game

Improving Shot Accuracy

Accuracy in golf is dependent on the ability to control the angle of the spine throughout the entire golf swing. The TrueTurnPro improves both strength and stability of the spine. Having swing power is only useful and safe with the stability to control the spine. The TrueTurnPro will develop the power to improve stability and help maintain spine angle. It improves golf shot accuracy!

Enhancing Strength and Range of Motion

When exposed to consistent external stimuli, the body physiologically adapts. For example, an increase in strength will occur when push-ups are performed daily. A physiological adaptive process explains how we are able to accomplish a greater number of push-ups over time. The strength from the push-up translates to other physical activities requiring a push movement. Therefore, the push-up is fundamental to all pushing. TrueTurnPro is no different. Strength training with the TrueTurnPro results in physiological adaptation of the body. Regular use of the TrueTurnPro will equate to strengthening rotational torso power.

Maximizing Speed

The ultimate goal for an athlete is to move fast. Acceleration of rotary movement in sports requires power and optimum rotation, as well as the ability to transfer energy with a stabilized spine. Limited rotation restricts maximum speed and prevents the body from reaching its full potential. Swinging a bat or club requires core stability and flexibility. The combination of power, stability, and flexibility are essential for the development of rotational speed! A body capable of moving faster will generate faster swing speeds and therefore increase ball speed. The TrueTurnPro is the only device capable of isolating and developing rotational strength, stability, and flexibility, which results in overall rotational power.

Achieving the X-Factor

The X-factor is a popular topic within the golf community. It is generally defined as the measurable distance to rotate the shoulders beyond the hips. Prompting many debates, some believe the X-factor is a myth, while others seek to achieve the X-factor within their own swing. Some instructors teach that the X-factor is only achieved during the downswing, while others teach it is created in the backswing. Either way, a physical separation of shoulders and hips takes place during every full golf swing. This separation creates rotational power. The TrueTurnPro is designed to safely develop this separation of the shoulders and hips by isolating movement of the thoracic spine.

Correcting Early Extension

Early extension is an incorrect position of the spine during a golf swing. At this point, the club is lifted instead of rotated to the top position. The common reference is a reverse pivot or loss of posture. Due to the challenging concept, instructors struggle with teaching the correct rotation. The TrueTurnPro is a breakthrough tool that allows the instructor to teach students what true rotation looks and feels like. With an increase in thoracic mobility the more rounds of golf an individual can play due to the less friction on the back. Greater mobility also enables a golfer to place the club in a proper top position which will maximize club head speed and optimize swing path.

Shifting Focus from Club Position to Body Position

Traditionally, golf has been taught from the perspective of the club properly place the club in the ideal top position. Golf students often establish faulty movement patterns in their swings when they become solely focused on club position. A movement pattern is the fundamental way a human moves. For example, bending, twisting and hinging. Repeating a faulty movement pattern in golf, such as the “over the top move”, results in inconsistent ball striking. However, the TrueTurnPro will correct faulty movement patterns and improve ball striking. These techniques are easily utilized to correct rotational planes by establishing and strengthening the form in a unique and contemporary practice.

Producing a Greater Active Stretch

TrueTurnPro is designed to allow the spine to produce a greater active rotational stretch, unparalleled with any other device available. The ability to have complete control of the stretch creates simplicity and safety for the user. Users generate his/her own kinetic energy to increase and deepen the active stretch, which greatly improves mobility and flexibility.

Promoting the Enjoyment of the Game

Enjoyment of any game is often associated with a sense of accomplishment. Achieving a higher level of success with increased golf skills will inspire individuals to play more often and with far more enjoyment. Golf is very demanding on the spine, and requires the player to bend, stretch, maneuver and contort the body in unnatural ways. Golf also requires the spine to possess power, stability, and speed, all in an attempt to maximize player ability and overall satisfaction. The TrueTurnPro enhances spinal strength, stability, and rotation for continued enjoyment of the game of golf.

Assistance Program Ideas

TrueTurnPro finds pride in assisting high school and college golf teams, coaches, and student athletes with acquiring a new TrueTurnPro device. TrueTurnPro is also a proud supporter of our nation’s veterans. Discounts are available at secure checkout. The TrueTurnPro is engineered to maximize an individual’s stretching ability. A golfer’s favorite 5 iron stretch is no comparison to the TrueTurnPro.

Why Do Pros Swear by the TrueTurnPro?

Peter Kostis testimonial on TrueTurnPro

Introducing Peter Kostis, renowned golf instructor and TV analyst


I’m Carl Horne. I’m sitting down with Peter Kostis and John Preston, the Director of Education at TrueTurnPro, and I’m the inventor of TrueTurnpro.


Well you know, we have a lot of sayings in golf. I have a lot of sayings in my teaching. One of which is, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

People go out and hit balls and they sweat and they hit 50 to 100 balls and they work on the second ball what they thought they did wrong on the first ball. Then they go out on the third ball and they work on what they thought they did wrong on the second ball.

So, they hit 100 balls with 99 different thoughts. That’s not practice.

You have to have a program. You have to have a plan – a gameplan if you will – and you have to execute it correctly. You can hit those same hundred balls and be really much improved at the end of your practice session.

That’s what TrueTurnPro does for me. It forces me to make the correct movements when I’m
trying to stretch out, when I’m trying to improve my range of motion, or even when I’m trying to get a little more dynamic and improve my explosiveness, if you will, in my golf swing.

It doesn’t let me do it incorrectly.So I know that when I’m working out with it, it’s gonna be the perfect workout. Because of that, you don’t need to do as much as you might ordinarily think. You might think that “you’re only doing 10 reps, that’s all?” But, if you do them correctly, the 10 reps will wear your little rear end out.


It’s hard to do it incorrectly. With our body structure, when you grab a TrueTurnPro, you are placed into an anatomically correct position. That means, your body, the structures, your spine, neck, shoulders and arms are positioned in a way that you cannot cheat.

If you would like to learn more about TrueTurnPro, watch the video above and register to receive more information about the patented TrueTurnPro.

Human Rotation for Function & Performance

TrueTurnPro for rotation & performance

Human Movement Can Be Difficult to Understand

Human movement can be complex and difficult to understand. We live and move in three different dimensions: forward and back, side-to-side, and rotationally (and usually all three simultaneously). Some joints are designed to primarily move forward and back (flex and extend), e.g., elbow and knee joints. Other joints move in all three directions at the same time (flex, extend, side-to-side, and rotate), e.g., hip and shoulder joints.

Each Region of the Spine Moves Differently

The spine is unique in that it is a series of interdependent joints which collectively move in all three directions. The spinal column consists of 33 vertebrae organized into 5 different regions; Cervical (neck), Thoracic (rib cage), Lumbar (low back), Sacral and Coccyx (pelvis). The vertebrae increase gradually in size from top to bottom. Conversely, the available movement at each segment of the spine increases from bottom to top. Each region of the spine moves differently as the size and shape of the vertebrae change. The lumbar region moves well forward and backward (flexion and extension), but is less effective when bending side to side or rotating. The thoracic region easily moves from side to side and rotationally, while flexion/extension is limited. The cervical area is very flexible in all three directions.

Every Step Taken Involves Rotation

Rotational movement is vital to human movement. Every step taken, whether walking or running involves rotation of the hips, spine and shoulders. One must rotate to get in and out of a car. Cervical (neck) rotation is necessary to check blind spots while driving. We rotate when we pick something up off of a table from one side of our body and place it on a counter on the other side of our body. All real-life daily movement patterns involve rotation. Rotation is necessary to function properly.

Rotational Sports Include Golf, Baseball, Tennis, and Hockey

Because all human movement involves rotation, all sports require rotational movement. However, some sports require optimal levels of both rotational mobility and strength (power). Those sports are considered rotational sports and include golf, baseball, tennis, hockey and others. While the entire body is involved in the development of rotational power, as it relates to sports performance, rotation of the torso is vital and necessary. Compared to all other sports, the golf swing requires the most spinal rotation; therefore, optimal spinal rotation is paramount to maximizing the ability to swing a golf club.

Optimal Mobility and Strength of Thoracic Rotation is Required

The lumbar spine is capable of limited rotation, but is better suited to move forward and back (flex and extend). That leaves only the thoracic region of the spine (the area made up of the rib cage) to contribute to overall rotational power. Optimal mobility and strength of thoracic rotation is required to excel at any of the rotational sports.

The TrueTurnPro Helps Develop Increased Thoracic Rotation

The TrueTurnPro is the only device available that isolates thoracic rotation. It is unique in that it will help to develop increased thoracic rotation. The addition of resistance while using the TrueTurnPro will result in enhanced rotational strength of the torso. The combination of increased thoracic mobility and strength will result in improvements in function of all daily tasks as well as the optimization of athletic performance.

As a fitness professional and a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional with over 25 years of experience, Founder, Carl Horne says, “I believe that the TrueTurnPro is by far the most effective device for optimizing spinal rotation and maximizing your golf swing.”

The Benefits of the TrueTurnPro

Carl Horne using the TrueTurnPro for prevention.

TrueTurnPro is a revolutionary product. When used regularly, the results can be almost limitless. Here are several of the ways TrueTurnPro can transform your golf game.


According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 75 to 85 percent of all Americans will experience some form of back pain during their lifetime. It is estimated that 90 percent of back pain will subside with correct physical exercise.

The TrueTurnPro is an exciting new, unique, and diverse tool engineered to specifically address the various issues of the spine that are related to back pain. Although it is impossible to completely prevent accidental physical injury, prevention protocols and programs should be the first line of defense in reducing the frequency and severity of physical injury. Optimizing joint function is the name of the game in an injury prevention exercise program. When our joints are powerful, fully stabilized and entirely flexible, we are more prepared to handle trauma that has the potential of leading to injury. With a preventative approach, recovery and rehabilitation time can often be reduced when injuries do occur. This increases the time that one can spend participating in the game of life!

The TrueTurnPro is the perfect tool for helping to optimize spine function in an effort to prevent and lessen the frequency and severity of back injuries.


The TrueTurnPro is the world’s first thoracic spine isolation device! This amazing new device has created an entirely new way to handle issues of the back. Designed to improve strength and range of motion (ROM) of the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine, the TrueTurnPro improves the spine’s ability to move with less friction and discomfort while increasing overall stability. The TrueTurnPro helps to restore back function and ultimately offer relief to a large number of people suffering from back pain.

There are many benefits to working with the TrueTurnPro. The most obvious is the ability to isolate and increase the range of motion of the thoracic spine. The isolation comes from the TrueTurnPro’s patented proprietary contralateral configuration. This unique design gives the user the ability to produce a contralateral force. This force, which is controlled by the user, results in greater ability to increase thoracic spine rotation and lateral flexion of the lumbar spine.

Increasing thoracic ROM has a strong and positive effect on the lumbar spine. By increasing the mobility of the thoracic spine, less rotational torque is placed upon the lumbar spine. This results in a reduction of torsion compression which is the twisting downward force of pressure onto the lumbar discs, which are located between each vertebrae. This reduction of torsion compression lessens the load on the back and helps alleviate discomfort and pain. For medical purposes, TrueTurn RX (soon to be available) will have built-in technology to measure and store changes in range of motion. TrueTurnRX is a smart tool made for healthcare professionals, enabling them to gain the upper hand in developing new therapeutic techniques to help prevent, stabilize and handle the various issues of the back.


The versatility of the TrueTurnPro is unmatched as it quickly converts from a new, innovative stretching device into a futuristic strength training tool! Unlike anything before, the TrueTurnPro offers a unique opportunity to develop true isolated rotational power. Athletes competing in rotational sports such as Golf, Baseball, Tennis and Hockey will enhance their physical abilities by adding the TrueTurnPro to their sport-specific training routines.

Training with a device engineered to specifically increase rotation allows the athlete to isolate a chosen plane of rotation and apply resistance to that plane. It also enables the athlete to increase the flexibility of a specific plane of rotation and produce an active or passive stretch on that plane. The TrueTurnPro delivers a smooth, smart, stretch into an array of rotational planes from the slap shot of hockey to the overhead serve of tennis! The TrueTurnPro is a game changer. With this amazing device, we have entered a new era of rotational training!

Understanding the TrueTurnPro

The TrueTurnPro thoracic isolation device is not just another gadget.

What we know is often what we become, as knowledge shapes our lives. TrueTurnPro promotes in the sharing of knowledge and considers inspiring creativity to be of paramount importance. Together, as we evolve into new innovations and perspectives surrounding human performance, we promise to keep our minds open and our thoughts available for you.
_Carl Horne
Inventor & Designer TrueTurnPro

Not Another Gadget

The TrueTurnPro is the first and only device that allows for sports-specific training on a multitude of isolated planes and angles of rotation. It gives coaches, trainers, and medical professionals the ability to focus on isolated areas of the back to address each individual’s needs.

The TrueTurnPro should not be mistaken for another gadget or swing aid. The device was originally designed to restore rotation of the thoracic spine for purposes of rehabilitation from injury. However, unparalleled sports performance benefits soon became apparent. The TrueTurnPro offers a new and amazing alternative to enhance strength and the overall functioning of the back.

As an example, each hand grip has a strategically placed hole as an attachment point for speed bands. This feature instantly changes the TrueTurnPro into a strength training tool that offers an unprecedented way of increasing power, stability and flexibility of the spine. Because the TrueTurnPro enhances both mobility and strength of the thoracic spine, it offers benefits to both competitive and recreational athletes unlike anything else on the market.

Performance in Rotational Sports

While performing rotational sport activities, the spine requires strength, stability, flexibility, and the harmonious work of several joints in order to maintain and stabilize the spine angle. When several joints move together under force, the movement becomes dependent on the quality of synchronicity within those joints. The golf swing requires energy from all parts of the body. The challenge of maintaining the correct spine angle in the golf swing stresses the demand for strong muscles around the spine and hips. Training with the TrueTurnPro will also increase rotation and strength in the hips to produce greater rotational performance and increase the golfer’s ability to maintain proper spine angle during the golf swing.

For other sports with rotary movement, the TrueTurnPro will improve shot accuracy. It is the ability to control the angle of the spine which allows the athlete to enhance accuracy and control – swing power maximized with the ability to control the spine. The TrueTurnPro will enhance and strengthen that power.

Achieve Optimal Club Position & Spine Angle

For golf, training with the TrueTurnPro will assist swing coaches in helping students achieve optimal club position and maintain proper spine angle. Golf students can expect to increase rotational flexibility, giving them freedom to rotate the shoulders or torso properly. With the ability to position the club in an optimal top position, the golf student will strike the ball with increased swing width. The greater the width, the greater the potential to generate powerful club head speed, which results in the ability to hit the ball farther!