About Kristian Johnson

Having been ambidextrous from birth, many say I use both the right and left sides of my brain equally. My creative is structured and analytical, yet my analytical is creative. As long as it all accomplishes its objectives, call it what you want. I'll call it another glorious day!

6 Tips to Help Eliminate the Resolution Yo-Yo

Seeking to Improve It’s that time of the year again…the beloved or dreaded New Year’s resolutions. It all depends on how you see them, love them or hate them, between December 26th and January 7th, they are a huge topic of our national conversation. And though in reality, each second is another [...]

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Your Revitalized TrueTurnPro.com

New Site - Same TrueTurn Mission At TrueTurn, our mission is beyond selling a product, beyond refining a golf swing, or even beyond enhancing back/core strength. Our real operation seeks an improved you. A life without a strong and healthy back equates to a life of endless challenges. At TrueTurn, we strive [...]

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