Why Do Pros Swear by the TrueTurnPro?

Peter Kostis testimonial on TrueTurnPro

Introducing Peter Kostis, renowned golf instructor and TV analyst


I’m Carl Horne. I’m sitting down with Peter Kostis and John Preston, the Director of Education at TrueTurnPro, and I’m the inventor of TrueTurnpro.


Well you know, we have a lot of sayings in golf. I have a lot of sayings in my teaching. One of which is, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

People go out and hit balls and they sweat and they hit 50 to 100 balls and they work on the second ball what they thought they did wrong on the first ball. Then they go out on the third ball and they work on what they thought they did wrong on the second ball.

So, they hit 100 balls with 99 different thoughts. That’s not practice.

You have to have a program. You have to have a plan – a gameplan if you will – and you have to execute it correctly. You can hit those same hundred balls and be really much improved at the end of your practice session.

That’s what TrueTurnPro does for me. It forces me to make the correct movements when I’m
trying to stretch out, when I’m trying to improve my range of motion, or even when I’m trying to get a little more dynamic and improve my explosiveness, if you will, in my golf swing.

It doesn’t let me do it incorrectly.So I know that when I’m working out with it, it’s gonna be the perfect workout. Because of that, you don’t need to do as much as you might ordinarily think. You might think that “you’re only doing 10 reps, that’s all?” But, if you do them correctly, the 10 reps will wear your little rear end out.


It’s hard to do it incorrectly. With our body structure, when you grab a TrueTurnPro, you are placed into an anatomically correct position. That means, your body, the structures, your spine, neck, shoulders and arms are positioned in a way that you cannot cheat.

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