The Benefits of the TrueTurnPro

Carl Horne using the TrueTurnPro for prevention.

TrueTurnPro is a revolutionary product. When used regularly, the results can be almost limitless. Here are several of the ways TrueTurnPro can transform your golf game.


According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, 75 to 85 percent of all Americans will experience some form of back pain during their lifetime. It is estimated that 90 percent of back pain will subside with correct physical exercise.

The TrueTurnPro is an exciting new, unique, and diverse tool engineered to specifically address the various issues of the spine that are related to back pain. Although it is impossible to completely prevent accidental physical injury, prevention protocols and programs should be the first line of defense in reducing the frequency and severity of physical injury. Optimizing joint function is the name of the game in an injury prevention exercise program. When our joints are powerful, fully stabilized and entirely flexible, we are more prepared to handle trauma that has the potential of leading to injury. With a preventative approach, recovery and rehabilitation time can often be reduced when injuries do occur. This increases the time that one can spend participating in the game of life!

The TrueTurnPro is the perfect tool for helping to optimize spine function in an effort to prevent and lessen the frequency and severity of back injuries.


The TrueTurnPro is the world’s first thoracic spine isolation device! This amazing new device has created an entirely new way to handle issues of the back. Designed to improve strength and range of motion (ROM) of the Thoracic and Lumbar Spine, the TrueTurnPro improves the spine’s ability to move with less friction and discomfort while increasing overall stability. The TrueTurnPro helps to restore back function and ultimately offer relief to a large number of people suffering from back pain.

There are many benefits to working with the TrueTurnPro. The most obvious is the ability to isolate and increase the range of motion of the thoracic spine. The isolation comes from the TrueTurnPro’s patented proprietary contralateral configuration. This unique design gives the user the ability to produce a contralateral force. This force, which is controlled by the user, results in greater ability to increase thoracic spine rotation and lateral flexion of the lumbar spine.

Increasing thoracic ROM has a strong and positive effect on the lumbar spine. By increasing the mobility of the thoracic spine, less rotational torque is placed upon the lumbar spine. This results in a reduction of torsion compression which is the twisting downward force of pressure onto the lumbar discs, which are located between each vertebrae. This reduction of torsion compression lessens the load on the back and helps alleviate discomfort and pain. For medical purposes, TrueTurn RX (soon to be available) will have built-in technology to measure and store changes in range of motion. TrueTurnRX is a smart tool made for healthcare professionals, enabling them to gain the upper hand in developing new therapeutic techniques to help prevent, stabilize and handle the various issues of the back.


The versatility of the TrueTurnPro is unmatched as it quickly converts from a new, innovative stretching device into a futuristic strength training tool! Unlike anything before, the TrueTurnPro offers a unique opportunity to develop true isolated rotational power. Athletes competing in rotational sports such as Golf, Baseball, Tennis and Hockey will enhance their physical abilities by adding the TrueTurnPro to their sport-specific training routines.

Training with a device engineered to specifically increase rotation allows the athlete to isolate a chosen plane of rotation and apply resistance to that plane. It also enables the athlete to increase the flexibility of a specific plane of rotation and produce an active or passive stretch on that plane. The TrueTurnPro delivers a smooth, smart, stretch into an array of rotational planes from the slap shot of hockey to the overhead serve of tennis! The TrueTurnPro is a game changer. With this amazing device, we have entered a new era of rotational training!