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Without rotation, the game of golf would not exist! The golf swing is dependent upon our ability to rotate on a variety of rotational planes. It is the ability to rotate which translates directly into distance and accuracy. TrueTurn will gently and effectively develop pure rotation to transform your game and increase the value of your clubs, your golf lessons, and your golf club membership!


Accuracy in golf is dependent upon the ability to control the angle of the spine throughout the entire golf swing. TrueTurn improves both strength and stability of the spine. Swing power is similarly enhanced by the ability to control the spine. TrueTurn will enhance and strengthen swing power by improving both stability and the ability to maintain proper spine angle. TrueTurn improves golf shot accuracy!


Accuracy in golf is dependent on the ability to control the angle of the spine throughout the entire golf swing. TrueTurn improves both strength and stability of the spine. Having swing power is only useful and safe with the stability to control the spine. TrueTurn will develop the power to improve stability and help maintain spine angle. TrueTurn improves golf shot accuracy!


When exposed to consistent external stimuli, the body physiologically adapts. For example, an increase in strength will occur when push-ups are performed daily. The physiological adaptive process explains how we are able to accomplish a greater number of push-ups over time. The strength from the push-up translates to other physical movements requiring a push. Therefore, the push-up is fundamental to all pushing movements. TrueTurn is no different. Strength training with TrueTurn results in physiological adaptation of the body. Regular use of TrueTurn will result in building and strengthening torso rotation.


The ultimate goal for an athlete is to move fast. Acceleration of rotary movement in sports requires power and optimum rotation, as well as the ability to transfer energy with a stabilized spine. Limited rotation restricts maximum speed and prevents the body from reaching its full potential. Swinging a bat or club requires core stability and flexibility. The combination of power, stability, and flexibility are essential for the development of rotational speed! A body capable of moving faster will generate faster swing speeds and therefore increase ball speed. TrueTurn is the only device capable of isolating and developing rotational strength, stability, and flexibility, which results in overall rotational power.


The X factor is a popular topic within the golf community. Prompting many debates, some believe the X factor is a myth, while others seek to achieve the X factor within their own swing. Some instructors teach that the X factor is only achieved during the downswing, while others teach it is created in the backswing. Either way, a physical separation of shoulders and hips takes place during every full golf swing. This separation creates rotational power. TrueTurn is designed to safely develop this separation of the shoulders and hips by isolating movement of the thoracic spine.


Early extension is an incorrect position of the spine during a golf swing. Early extension in the backswing is when the club is lifted instead of rotated to the top position. This is commonly referred to as a reverse pivot or loss of posture. Instructors struggle with teaching students correct rotation because it is a difficult concept to understand. TrueTurn is a breakthrough tool that allows the instructor to teach students what true rotation looks and feels like. Using TrueTurn will improve the value of a golfer’s investment in the cost of golf equipment, lesson packages, and golf club memberships. It’s safe to say that most golf instructors wish their students had more flexibility. The greater the Thoracic mobility, the less friction on the back, and the more rounds of golf an individual can play. Greater mobility also enables a golfer to place the club in a proper top position, which will increase club head speed and optimize swing path.


Traditionally, golf has been taught from the perspective of the club position. Most golfers, both new and experienced, are challenged to properly place the club in the ideal top position. Golf students often establish faulty movement patterns in their swings when they become solely focused on club position. A movement pattern is the fundamental way a human moves, for example, bending, twisting, and hinging. Repeating a faulty movement pattern in golf, such as the “over the top move”, results in consistent ball striking being nearly impossible. However, working to correct faulty movement patterns with TrueTurn will improve ball striking. TrueTurn is easily utilized to correct rotational planes by establishing and strengthening new movement patterns in a unique and contemporary way.


Enjoyment of any game is often associated with a sense of accomplishment. Achieving a higher level of success with increased golf skills will inspire individuals to play more often and with far more enjoyment. Golf is very demanding on the spine, and requires the player to bend, stretch, maneuver and contort the body in unnatural ways. Golf also requires the spine to possess power, stability, and speed, all in an attempt to maximize player ability and overall satisfaction. TrueTurn enhances spinal strength, stability, and rotation for continued enjoyment of the game of golf.


TrueTurn is designed to allow the user to produce a greater active rotational stretch for the spine, unparalleled with any other device available. Using TrueTurn is simple and safe because the user remains in complete control. The design enables the user to generate his/her own kinetic energy to increase and deepen the active stretch, which greatly improves mobility and flexibility.