A New Era of Training2019-03-05T00:05:53-07:00

TrueTurn is the first and only device that allows for sports specific training on a multitude of planes and angles of rotation. TrueTurn provides coaches, trainers, and medical professionals the ability to pinpoint specific areas of the Back to address every individuals needs.

TrueTurn should not be mistaken for another gadget or swing aid. The device was originally designed to restore rotation of the Thoracic spine. However, shortly after the proof of concept was realized, unparalleled performance benefits began to emerge. TrueTurn also offers a new and amazing alternative to enhance strength and the overall function of the Back!

A hole was strategically added on each hand grip as an attachment point for resistance bands. This feature instantly changes TrueTurn into a new and unique strength training tool that provides an unprecedented way of increasing power, stability and flexibility of the spine! Because TrueTurn enhances both a mobility and strength of the Thoracic spine, it offers benefits to both competitive and recreational athletes like nothing else on the market offers.

For golf, training with a TrueTurn will assist swing coaches in helping students achieve optimal club position and maintain proper spine angle. Golf students can expect to increase rotational flexibility thereby giving the freedom to rotate the shoulders or torso properly. Now, with the ability to position the club in an optimal top position, the golf student will strike the ball with increased swing width. The greater the width, the greater the potential to generate powerful club head speed, which results in the ability to hit the ball farther!

While performing rotational sport activities the spine requires strength, stability, flexibility, and the harmonious work of several joints in order to maintain and stabilize the spine angle. When several joints move together under force, the movement becomes dependent on the quality of synchronicity within those joints. The golf swing requires energy from all parts of the body. The challenge of maintaining the correct spine angle in the golf swing stresses the demand for strong muscles around the spine and hips. Training with the TrueTurn will also increase rotation and strength in the hips to produce greater rotational performance. The benefits of working with the TrueTurn for the spine and the hips will increase the ability to maintain the spine angle during the golf swing.  

For sports with rotary movement, TrueTurn will improve shot accuracy. It is the ability to control the angle of the spine which allows the athlete to enhance accuracy and control. Having swing power is only useful with the ability to control the spine. TrueTurn will enhance and strengthen that power.